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In 1962, Solaronics, Inc. was founded as a U.S. manufacturer of infrared heating products including infrared radiant heaters and gas-fired infrared heaters. We enjoyed a unique opportunity; the ability to identify and fulfill the needs of our customers with still infantile infrared technology. Gas-fired infrared heaters are highly efficient producers of infrared energy that can be used in numerous heating applications. Working closely with engineers, contractors, and owners, we help to establish standards and guidelines for product construction, performance, operation, and application with our infrared heaters.

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Solaronics is a leading manufacturer of industrial radiant heaters with 60 years of expertise and personal experience in the industry. Our energy-efficient infrared radiant heaters serve as the desired solution for your space heating application needs. With strategic locations around North America, our sales representatives are ready to assist you with proper heater selection. Scroll through the products below to see some of our most popular manufactured heaters.

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Solaronics offers versatile heating products for your space heating requirements. Our energy-efficient heating systems will provide years of reliable service that often delivers their payback within 1-3 years compared to other heating systems.

Solaronics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer. 

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