Solaronics manufactures and strategically places tube infrared heaters in an aircraft hangar. Aircraft hangars contain large quantities of air that need to be heated.  Opening the large doors allows for massive cold air infiltration, therefore, it is fairly inefficient to heat these spaces with a forced air heater.


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Low-Intensity Infrared Heaters For Hangars

Solaronics low-intensity tube heaters offer a great solution for aircraft hangars because the heat it generates is stored in the floors, lower walls, and the surrounding objects.  Acting as heat exchangers, this stored heat energy warms the space as cold air rushes in, providing instant heat recovery within the aircraft hangar. Heater ventilation is commonly performed by directly venting through a sidewall or roof.

High-Intensity Infrared Heaters For Hangars

For high bay hangars, high-intensity heaters may be used.  Installation is typically cheaper than compared to tube heaters and fewer roof penetrations are required. Ventilation of high-intensity infrared heaters may be accomplished through the hangar building’s natural or mechanical ventilation system. High-intensity heaters can be rigidly mounted or hung by chain.

High bay heights are common in airplane hangar heater applications.  Acute attention to idle aircraft positioning is needed for proper heater placement.  These overhead heaters are suitable for use in aircraft hangars when installed in accordance with the Standard on Aircraft Hangars, ANSI /NFPA 409-latest edition, and are so marked. The heater’s clearance to combustibles must be maintained to avoid damaging the topsides of the aircraft. 

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