Solaronics infrared tube heaters provide a gentle heat for your outdoor space to extend your outdoor season by keeping customers comfortable. We have a solution for many outdoor applications including patios, smoking areas and other covered areas. Infrared heaters keep the floors, furnishings and guests warm rather than wasting energy by attempting to warm the air.

Whether you seek corrosion-resistant aluminized steel, or perhaps stainless steel, we offer the right material for your application. Infrared heaters are also efficient heaters for melting ice on sidewalks and under breezeways.

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Low Intensity Infrared Heaters for Outdoor Patios

Solaronics low intensity heaters are the most common products that are used in an outdoor space, including patios. It is important to strategically place these heaters where they are protected from unpredictable elements such as snow, wind or rain. We typically install these heaters under awnings, outdoor patios or other areas depending on your facility

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