Introduction to Infrared Heating

Infrared Heat Theory

Gas fired infrared heaters are highly efficient producers of infrared energy that can be used in numerous heating applications. Their greatest uses to date have been in the heating of industrial and commercial buildings, spot and area heating, commercial food broiling and cooking and in process heating ovens.

A Solaronics installation at GM’s Inland Division plant in Euclid, Ohio slashed energy costs 75% during a single heating season. Prior energy costs in the warehouse were running around $106,000 per year. After installing Solaronics gas infrared heaters, energy costs plummeted to $27,000.*

Equally important was employee comfort. Under the old forced-air system, complaints were numerous. After installation, morale improved greatly. So the combination of Solaronics and efficient gas not only delivered energy savings but employee comfort as well. And with a payback period of less than 15 months.

GM’s Inland Division is just one of many installations realizing incredible savings by switching to Solaronics gas infrared heaters. Most infrared users can expect to realize 30-50% average fuel reductions when compared with conventional heating systems.

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