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Solaronics offers quality infrared space heating products with the versatility required to meet the many demands of the industry. Structures vary in size, shape, and construction materials, allowing for a great opportunity to provide applicable heating equipment. They directly heat the floor, people, and surrounding objects. Infrared heat is an ideal solution for an array of industrial and commercial applications.

Low-intensity tube heaters are commonly chosen for a total building heating solution. Our tube heaters are available in either single-stage or 2-stage operation. They range from 10’ to 70’ in length while offering MBH inputs from 40 through 200. Due to their unique infrared properties, tube heaters may be installed in high or low-ceiling applications. 

High-intensity luminous heaters may offer a less expensive answer. High-intensity heaters may also be used in high or low ceiling applications, yet they are often times reserved for spot heating applications such as near overhead doors or near employee personnel. They offer MBH inputs from 30 up to 200.

The DoorJet heater is our only product line offered that directly heats the air. These rugged heaters are used in particular industries. Examples include loading docks to target cold air rushing in from open overhead doors to the drying end of automatic car washes to aid in the drying process. DoorJet heaters are designed to modulate their gas pressure to produce your desired output air temperature.

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