Loading docks, small and large, typically contain several large overhead doors that are essential to warehouses and manufacturing plants. When these overhead doors open, they expel large amounts of heat from inside the building which results in cold spaces and high energy costs. When using energy-efficient Solaronics infrared tube heaters, heat recovery occurs within minutes. Infrared heaters heat the lower walls and floors of the loading dock facility to maintain a warm environment as the cold air rushes inside. Solaronics provides a wide range of products to assist with keeping loading docks warm for all sizes and budgets. The most common products that are typically used in loading docks are low-intensity infrared heaters, high-intensity infrared heaters, and DoorJet overhead door heaters.

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Low-Intensity Infrared Heaters for Loading Docks

Our low-intensity tube heaters are the most common heater that is used for loading docks. We strategically place low-intensity heaters throughout the facility against sidewalls and the roof for maximum coverage while staying clear of racking and moving equipment.  If no ventilation system is provided, these heaters may require direct ventilation through a sidewall or roof.  They are typically mounted by chain or cable and are controlled by a thermostat.

High-Intensity Infrared Heaters for Loading Docks

Solaronics high-intensity heaters may be added near loading dock doors as spot heaters for extremely cold and windy conditions.  Installation is typically simpler and less expensive. Clearance to combustibles must be maintained to avoid damage to the product or equipment. High-intensity heaters do not offer the attachment option of a vent pipe.  Ventilation may be accomplished through the building’s natural or mechanical ventilation system. High-intensity heaters can be rigidly mounted or hung by chain.

DoorJet Infrared Heaters for Loading Docks

Solaronics DoorJet stops the chills and wasted energy that occur when overhead doors are opened. These ceiling-mounted warm air heaters send a surge of heated air toward overhead door openings to temper the cold air rushing inside the space. DoorJets are operated via a door limit switch.  Once the overhead door begins to rise, the door limit switch activates the heater.  It automatically turns off when the door closes, preserving heat inside the dock space.  DoorJet heaters are vent free and may only be rigidly mounted.

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