Here at Solaronics, we manufacture infrared heaters for warehousing and manufacturing facilities. Gas-fired infrared heaters are better suited for warehouses and manufacturing facilities than forced air heaters because they heat floors, objects, and people rather than the air. Forced air heaters, heaters that heat only the air, heat large buildings inefficiently because the warm air produced by them quickly rises to the ceiling, leaving the temperature at floor level and requiring more heat. Forced air heaters typically have higher energy costs as a result.  Solaronics' infrared heaters provide heat where it is needed – at the floor level.  Our gas-fired infrared heaters increase personnel comfort while reducing energy costs. 

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It’s important to consider the type of warehouse, size, mounting heights, and other obstacles when choosing infrared heating equipment. Solaronics strategically places infrared heaters in your warehousing and manufacturing facilities for maximum coverage and proper heater placement as well as safety for your employees and products.  We typically recommend perimeter and aisle heating as the placement for these heaters because it provides the most clearance of space, however, this could vary depending on your facility.

High-Intensity Infrared Heaters For Warehouses

Ventilation of high-intensity infrared heaters may be accomplished through the building’s natural or mechanical ventilation system.  These have an open flame across a ceramic tile surface.  Common uses include total building heat or zone heating.  High-intensity heaters can be rigidly mounted or hung by chain and are controlled by a thermostat. 

Low-Intensity Infrared Heaters For Warehouses

Low-intensity heaters offer a perfect solution to total warehouse building heating.  If no ventilation system is provided, these heaters may require direct ventilation through a sidewall or roof.  They are typically mounted by chain or cable and are controlled by a thermostat.  Tube heaters use a burner assembly to push an enclosed flame and hot flue gases through the inside of a heat exchanger.  Shiny reflectors above direct heat down to the floor. 

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