Infrared Radiant Heater

Solaronics Suntube

Solaronics gas fired infrared Suntube systems are ideal for any commercial or industrial building. Inlet air capabilities make them particularly well adapted for buildings with high negative pressure or airborne contaminants such as dust, over-spray and degreasing fumes. Directly vented units are an ideal choice for buildings with low infiltration or where condensation is a problem. Although not explosion proof, Suntube has no open flame.

Solaronics gas radiant Suntube heater systems are available in many different input capacities, system lengths and configurations.  Suntube heaters offer capacities from 40,000 through 200,000 BTUH, at 5,000 BTUH increments.  They are also available in 10’ through 70’ tube lengths, at 5’ increments.  System lengths available in both straight and compact U-tube configurations.  Suntube is CSA International Designed Certified to ANSI/CGA Standards for either directly or indirectly vented operation and for use with inside or outside combustion air. Contact your local rep today to learn more about Solaronics Gas Radiant Tube Heaters.