Infrared Heater For Garage

The Solaronics Residential Infrared Tube Heater for garages will provide safe, reliable comfort heating when operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance.  For your safety, installation and service must be performed by a licensed contractor and conform to local building codes.  Also, adequate ventilation must always be provided according to local building codes.  Do not store gasoline or other combustibles in the vicinity of the infrared heater.  Keep children, draperies and garments away from the heater.  Do not touch the heater or tubes during operation.  Not designed or certified for indoor living or sleeping areas.

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  • Proven system design – over 30 years
  • 16 gauge titanium coated aluminized steel, heat-treated, combustion chamber
  • Corrosion resistant 16 gauge 4" O.D. aluminized steel, heat-treated, heat exchanger
  • Swaged tubes for easy installation
  • Simple chain mounting
  • CSA International Design Certified to ANSI/CGA Standards
  • Mill finish aluminum reflectors
    • 91.7% reflectional efficiency (shape)
  • Rotatable reflector arrangements from 0° to 30°
  • Burner fully assembled and tested – ready to hang
  • Factory installed wave turbulator for high efficiency
  • Safe, reliable operation
    • Durable direct spark ignition
    • 100% safety shut-off
    • Pre-purge cycle for safety
    • System validation lights
    • Options:
      • Recessed Ceiling Kit
      • Side Reflector
      • 90° Elbow with Reflector
      • Common Vent Couplers
      • Inlet and Exhaust Kits
      • 50Hz for Worldwide Operation

*Not for Indoor Living or Sleeping Areas