About Us

In 1962, Solaronics, Inc. was founded as a U.S. manufacturer of infra-red heating products. We enjoyed a unique opportunity; the ability to identify and fulfill the needs of our customers with a still infantile infra-red technology. Working closely with engineers, contractors and owners, we helped to establish standards and guidelines for product construction, performance, operation and application.

Over the past fifty years our experience has spanned three generations. Techniques for manufacturing and applying our products and the design of our products themselves have been refined again and again in response to the needs of our customers. Our endeavors have developed a respected network of representatives and distributors, employees with the knowledge and skill to put them at the forefronts of their respective fields and thousands of satisfied customers.

In recent years we have seen infra-red technology become a preferred means of comfort heating and commercial cooking. We have established ourselves as the leader in these industries. Solaronics brand products are often selected. In addition, we are the OEM supplier of infra-red products to two of the world’s largest manufacturers of comfort heating appliances and the world’s largest manufacturer of cooking appliances.

Today and for years to come, Solaronics will continue to search for new opportunities to aid our customers. After all, it is our customers who have made us the leader in quality infra-red products.

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