Solaronics tube heaters are the preferred method for heating in agricultural buildings because they gently keep animals warm while assisting in adolescent development. In addition, tube heaters keep the facility at a desired set temperature by heating the floor. Keeping the floor warm also keeps it dry, which is of utmost importance, especially in poultry enclosures.


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Low-Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters for Agriculture

Solaronics Sun tube and True Dual infrared heaters are the most common product that is used in agriculture applications. Heater ventilation is commonly performed by directly venting through a sidewall or roof, however, this could vary on your agriculture facility. Our GQG/MTSA tube heaters are made of corrosion-resistant materials to withstand harsh environments.


Infrared Heater Agriculture Applications

Solaronics low-intensity infrared tube heaters save up to 75% in energy costs when compared to other heating systems, while also improving animal comfort. Solaronics tube heaters are used in many agriculture applications including:

  • Solaronics strategically places infrared heaters in swine & cattle confinement to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency for the animals. This is important to consider because these facilities typically have lower ceiling heights to be mindful of.
  • Our GQG/MTSA series tube heaters are corrosive-resistant to ensure they are well kept.
  • Solaronics strategically places infrared heaters in poultry housing to heat the floor first to ensure a warm environment for the poultry which results in less stress and improvement of growth rates.
  • Our GQG/MTSA tube heaters are corrosive-resistant to ensure they are well kept in dirty environments.
  • Solaronics infrared heaters are optimal for heating brooder applications. They deliver heat directly to the floor and chicks, ensuring consistent warmth.
  • Solaronics infrared heaters directly heats animals, objects and floors. Dairy applications make our heaters an excellent fit to keep animals warm and floors dry.
  • Solaronics tube heaters are ideal in greenhouse applications due to their high heat loss potential.


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