Solaronics gas-fired infrared heaters are used to provide radiant heat for many types of buildings, enclosures, patios, etc. Instead of directly heating the air, they perform similarly as does the sun by warming surfaces that their radiant output reaches. Infrared heaters may be used as a total building heating solution or in spot heating particular areas or zones. Gas burners are used in process heating and appliance applications. They utilize both infrared and blue flame technology. Solaronics does offer complete gas burner design support, from the concept stage through agency certification. We can also assist you with the improvement of your current product by offering different burner types and control packages. 

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Solaronics gas-fired infrared heaters emit gentle, radiant heat downward towards the floor, people, material and equipment. These objects become warmer than the surrounding air and act as low-level heat exchangers heating the air. Solaronics directs heat to the floor level – where it is needed. Gas-fired forced air heaters blow warm air into a space. By directly warming the air, heat quickly rises to the ceiling. This causes forced air heaters to run for longer periods of time in order to produce ample heat at the floor level. This causes uneven temperatures at floor level while increasing energy costs.

Absolutely. Solaronics gas-fired infrared heaters are design certified by CSA International for compliance with ANSI standard Z83.20 – latest edition. All installations must be in accordance with local codes and the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 – latest edition. Solaronics is also a member of the Infrared Heater Safety Council (IRSC). Feel free to download this brochure 1.6MB from the IRSC and become further educated on the proper uses of infrared heaters. 

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