Solaronics infrared space heaters are often times the preferred method for heating vehicle facilities of all sizes to ensure consistent temperatures for employees. Solaronics has been equipping these industries with our proven infrared heaters for more than 50 years. Our heaters operate by using infrared technology to heat the floor, people, and objects to provide consistent comfortable heat. Infrared heaters result in increased employee morale and lower energy costs for your automotive facility. 

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Infrared Heater Vehicle Services Applications

Many applications in the vehicle services contain several overhead doors that allow for heat to easily escape; this results in employee discomfort and cold tools. Solaronics heaters are used in many vehicle service applications including:

  • Tire warehouse stores
  • Oil change facilities
  • Car washes
  • Repair garages

Low-Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters for Vehicle Services

Solaronics low-intensity infrared heaters are the most common product used in automotive service facilities. Heater ventilation is commonly performed by directly venting through a sidewall or roof.  Tube heaters are placed overhead near garage doors and throughout the garage to maintain even temperatures. Low-intensity heaters are typically used with outside air supplied to each heater to avoid pulling dirty or contaminated air into the burner.

High-Intensity Infrared Ceramic Heaters for Vehicle Services

Solaronics high-intensity infrared heaters may be used in vehicle services facilities if ceiling heights exist for higher clearances needed above the heater. Heater ventilation is commonly performed through the building’s natural or mechanical ventilation system.

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