Solaronics tube heaters are the preferred method for heating sports arenas since they offer the ability to heat people and objects directly while leaving areas that are not directly needing of heat relatively unaffected.

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Sporting Venues Infrared Heating Applications

Solaronics infrared tube heaters save energy and improve the comfort of athletes and audiences in sports arenas. These benefits result in an improvement in athlete performance and reduced fuel consumption. Facilities that house sporting events have varied heating requirements such as high ceiling heights, open roof applications, and high humidity levels. Solaronics tube heaters are used in many sporting applications including:

  • Many of these facilities have high ceilings. It’s important to provide heat down at the floor level and not as much at the ceiling. Infrared heating technology offers these properties to keep both athletes and spectators warm.
  • With high ceilings and large spaces that need to be heated, infrared heating is the most efficient way to accomplish this. Infrared heaters heat the floors, lower walls, and furnishings to improve the athlete’s comfort when training in the winter.
  • In addition, you have the ability to utilize zone control for multi-use facilities.
  • To extend the driving range season, it is important to offer heating in the tee boxes to ensure the comfort of the golfers in colder months.
  • It’s important to keep the bleachers around the ice arenas comfortable for the fans but to not melt the ice. Infrared tube heaters offer ideal solutions because they heat people directly to improve a fan’s experience when cheering for their team.
  • Due to stadiums being a larger facilities, Solaronics infrared heaters are the most ideal way to maintain proper heating for fans and athletes in the winter.

High-Intensity Infrared Ceramic Heaters for Sports Venues

Solaronics high-intensity infrared heaters are used in a variety of sports arenas depending on the facility's design. Ventilation of high-intensity infrared heaters may be accomplished through the building’s natural or mechanical ventilation system, however, this could vary on your facility. High-intensity ceramic heaters may offer a less expensive answer.

Low-Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters for Sports Venues

Low-intensity tube heaters can be found in a variety of sports venues as well. Our tube heaters are available in either single or 2-stage operation. Heater ventilation is typically performed in the ceiling as well as through the sidewall. They range from 10’ to 70’ in length while offering MBH inputs from 40 through 200.

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