Whether you want to melt the snow and ice off your car or have a warm place to work on a project at home, Solaronics has the perfect solution to have your residential garage heated efficiently.  Using infrared technology, Solaronics residential garage tube heaters heat the floor, lower walls, and surrounding objects to keep the space comfortable. Solaronics Residential Infrared Tube Heaters are easy to order and install for all applications including lobby areas, entryways, workshops, and public garages.

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Residential Garage Infrared Heater Installation

These infrared heaters are commonly mounted where a wall and the ceiling meet.  The aluminum reflectors are angled outwards at a 30° angle, efficiently directing infrared across your garage.  Available in 10’, 15’, or 20’ tube lengths, we have a system to fit your application.  Residential garage tube heaters are not designed or certified for indoor living or sleeping areas.  Heater ventilation is commonly performed by directly venting through a sidewall or roof. 

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