Solaronics manufactures and installs infrared tube heaters for fire stations across the United States. During the winter, it is important that firefighters’ equipment and vehicles stay dry and ready to use in case of an emergency. Fire stations have large overhead doors that allow for ample heat loss when opened. It is important for a fire station to be heated quickly to keep the equipment and vehicles from freezing or remaining damp. Forced air heaters can cause firefighter equipment to be damp and uncomfortable as well as provide little support with defrosting or defogging the firetrucks.

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Infrared heaters can help with improving the recovery time by heating the lower walls and floors of the facility to keep the station and equipment warm and the truck ice and fog-free. Solaronics low-intensity tube heaters' recovery time occurs within minutes due to the floor and objects having stored heat energy that is released as conduction/convection heat, saving time and energy in a fire station.

Solaronics strategically places infrared tube heaters in areas that allow for proper clearances in fire stations. They are typically mounted above the fire trucks in the garage or along the side walls. Strategic placement will help dry any moisture on the trucks and equipment so they are ready for every call. With the floor and surrounding objects constantly warm, any moisture quickly dries, keeping the facility safe and ready to use.

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