Ceramic Gas Infrared Generator

The ceramic infrared generator used in the Solaronics hi-intensity heater is cordierite-based, grooved ceramic tile. It features an exclusive design whereby alternate rows of holes terminate at the bottom of slots. Therefore one half of the flame is well below the ceramic surface. This feature provides a higher ceramic surface temperature with a low gas input resulting in more heat transfer surface and more intimate contact between flame and the ceramic. This results in higher radiant outputs than any other similar competitive burner.

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Optional Wire Grid for Radiant Efficiency

The burner radiation may be increased by the addition of an optional wire grid. A wire grid can be installed directly in front of the ceramic combustion surface. Surface temperatures are enhanced by hindering the escape of products of combustion and preventing any cooling or secondary air to come in contact with the ceramic infrared generator.

The combustion products (primarily hot nitrogen and carbon dioxide) leaving the ceramic surface must pass through and heat the wire grid. The grid increases its radiation substantially and its area can replace much of the low radiation areas of the ceramic holes. Heat also radiates back to the ceramic surface thereby increasing the ceramic temperature.