Metallic Foam Burner

The metallic foam gas burner is high-impact resistant and best used for applications needing medium flexibility. It has the capability of catalytic style burners with a proper wash coat, as well as the ability to be welded. Our metallic foam burner is high-quality, and durable, and provides usage across a number of applications and industries.

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Metal Foam Burner Specifications

The metal foam burner can maintain a continuous operating temperature of 1,100 - 1,200 °C (Max). This burner can operate as both blue flame and infrared which allows you to have multiple inputs to better match the heat to your specific application. The typical loading of 800 BTU/Sq. inch in infrared and 3,000+ BTU/Sq. in blue flame. This gas burner can output infrared heat within seconds which allows for an extremely fast warm-up period. In addition, it can tolerate thermal shock when being used.

Metallic Foam Burner Applications

The metallic foam burner can be used in a variety of industries including commercial and residential cooking and industrial process heating. Some of the typical applications the metal foam burners are used in broilers, steamers pizza ovens, pool heaters, fryers, and more.

Our metallic foam burners are manufactured custom for each application. Contact Solaronics to learn more!

  • Continuous operating temperature of 1,100 - 1,200 °C (Max}
  • Typical loading of 800 BTU/Sq. inch in infrared
  • Typical loading of 3,000+ BTU/Sq. inch in blue flame
  • High impact resistance
  • Low back pressure - typically needs a distributor or back plate
  • Medium flexibility - can be shaped but does lose some strength when doing sharp bends
  • Ability to be welded
  • Capable of catalytic style burners with a proper wash coat
  • Extremely fast warm-up period - outputting Infrared heat within seconds
  • Very tolerant to thermal shock
  • Can come pre-oxidized