Installation tips & reminders

It is essential to install the heaters correctly so they operate as intended. Some important reminders are:

-Read the manual before installing

-Be sure all clearances are within spec

-Always check incoming and outlet gas pressures and compare with the specs in the manual.

-For a K-series unit, make sure it is mounted correctly. Maximum mounting angle is 30° and make sure the gas valve is in the correct position. Refer to pages 10 & 11 in the manual.

-For tube heaters, be sure venting and combustion air runs are within the allowed lengths and allowed number of elbows. Make sure the baffle/ turbulator is in the very last tube of the system. Check the polarity and ground of the outlet the unit is plugged into. Reversed polarity and a bad ground will cause the unit to fail. Refer to the installation tips included with each unit.