Overhead Door

Overhead Door Heaters

Overhead Door Heaters – DoorJet

Gas Fired Stainless Steel Heaters with Controls Totally Enclosed

DOORJET heaters are designed to be operated only when the door is opened. It is NOT designed as a make-up air heater.


  • Car Washes
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturers
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Distribution Centers
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Marine Repair Facilities

System Information

Minimum Inlet Pressure
Natural and LP/Propane Gas:
– 550,000-750,000 BTUH – 7 inches WC
– 850,000-950,000 BTUH – 8 inches WC

Maximum Inlet Pressure
Natural Gas and LP/Propane Gas: 14 inches WC

1 inch NPT Gas Inlet

Minimum Mounting Height
A DOORJET should be mounted 6 inches above the height of the door.
Minimum Mounting Height is 12 feet – 6 inches. Mounting below the minimum height would require careful consideration of human safety/comfort and property damage factors and would be the responsibility of the owner and installer.

Maximum Mounting Height
Maximum Mounting Height is 14 feet – 6 inches.
Installation above the maximum height reduces the
heater’s effectiveness.

2 year limited warranty


  • Remote control with:
    • on-off switch
    • summer-winter switch
    • control circuit fuse
    • remote temperature selector
  • 1 1/2 or 2 HP TEFC ball bearing 3-phase motor
  • Magnetic motor starter
  • Air flow switch
  • Control transformer
  • High temperature limit switch
  • Electronic ultraviolet sensor
  • Gas pressure regulator up to 1/2 PSI
  • Modulating gas valve/temperature control
  • “Hot” spark ignition

Product Line Features

Standard Heater Items

  • Watertight enclosure: All gas and electrical controls prewired and sealed
  • Fully assembled and factory tested to ensure safe and dependable long life operation
  • 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel casing with two reinforcing angle rings
  • Stainless steel burner baffle
  • Heavy duty axial flow fan
  • Vertical or angle mounting
  • Economical Natural Gas operation: Also LP/Propane and other gaseous fuels options
    550,000 to 950,000 BTUH input ratings to fit most buildings
  • Instant heat: No warm-up period required
  • Special “Jet” type burner
  • Corrosion resistant manifold
  • Hanging holes

Standard Items Shipped Loose With Heater

  • Remote control box
  • Temperature sensor

Recommended Accessories

  • Door limit switch and roller arm
  • Inlet air guard
  • High pressure gas regulator required for pressure over 1/2 PSI (14 inches WC)
  • Universal Heater Mounting Kit


  • Single phase motor
  • Left-hand units with control cabinet on the opposite side
  • FM, IRI or other regulatory approval