High Intensity Infrared

At the heart of Solaronics hi-intensity heaters is an atmospheric type, 100% primary air burner utilizing a perforated ceramic combustion surface. The burner, along with a heater frame, reflector, means of ignition and controls comprise the entire heater. These heaters are certified by the American Gas Association, Canadian Gas Association and are described by separate literature.

Hi-Intensity Burner

Solaronics High intesnsity Burner

The burner is made of a 1/2″ thick ceramic tile surface with 235 perforations per square inch, minimum of 0.045″ diameter, a one piece aluminized steel plenum, a spun metal venturi, pan diffuser and stainless steel retainer clips.Gas enters the burner through the orifice, part of the gas manifold assembly, which is centered at the opening of the venturi. Primary combustion air is aspirated by the flow of gas from the orifice through the converging section of the venturi. Due to the design of the burner components, secondary air is not required. The gas is thoroughly mixed with combustion air in the venturi and mixing tube and the mixture is distributed by the plenum chamber to the back of the ceramic tile. The mixture then enters the small holes in the tile and as it exits from the holes it burns on the surface of the ceramic. As a result, the flame causes the ceramic surface to reach temperature of approximately 1700° to 1850°F (an incandescent) with “a glowing” and a high rate of infra-red energy is generated.